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Blue shawl with an inverted triangle in a burnt-looking yellow colour.  Across the top of the triangle are two bars in yellow.  The shawl is placed on a white quilt background with blakc floral print.

 All finished!  Two weeks of almost solid knitting towards the end and no less than a half-dozen false starts.  My fingers have threatened to declare independence from the rest of my body over this project.  Glad to have it over though I wish I’d kept going ‘til I ran out of yarn.

I need a person in my life to punch me in the arm every time I utter the words, "that would look good with sock-weight yarn instead".  Any volunteers?

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Grey gauntlets arranged one on top of the other with knitting needles, yarn and stitch markers surrounding them.  The gloves and knitting notions are placed on a white and black floral quilt background.  The left gauntlet bears a blue angel-wing symbol and the right cauntlet bears a red star symbol with a chevron beneath it.

Finished the Biowearables Interrupt Gauntlets of extremely belated gift-giving shame.  Renegade glove frogged three times, Paragon glove frogged once.  Changed contrasting colour yarn because what I using was not working for me.  It turns out that it really took swearing loudly at balls of wrong-texture yarn to decide it was worth it to cut strands of the colours I want out of balls of variegated yarn.  Whoopsie. 

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I could go on for hours with respect to Montreal ComicCon, but why don't I share a picture instead.

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