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2014-10-04 11:07 am

Help me support my friends...

All right, everybody.  I’m going to take a second to promote a thing my friend is doing.   Erin O’Neill is a complete sweetheart of a friend of mine and she’s doing a really cool thing.  She’s fundraising to do the 2015 Cancer Research Machu Pichu Challenge.  She’s raising money in order to participate in the memory of her father and could really use some support.

You can click here to support her effort.  If not then hey, that's cool too but it'd be awesome if you could help me spread the word!

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2014-10-04 10:47 am

Imaginary Friend

Short piece written in response to an I dare you to write prompt

Imaginary Friend )
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2014-10-04 10:23 am

Therapy: An exercise in bullies

I dare you to write from the point of view of a bully

It was all in good fun; just a couple of laughs. God, why does everyone have to be so sensitive? If she didn’t think so, she’s too sensitive. It was just a stupid joke. So what?

No. Don’t be ridiculous. It was funny. It’s always funny. I have twenty people laughing too that say it’s funny. Twenty people had a good laugh and you want me to feel sorry for the one with ruffled feathers? Don’t be ridiculous. Of course she didn’t find it funny, it happened to her, how does that even count, she’ll get over it, that’s what people with brains do; they get up, grow a thicker skin, and walk away. That’s what they’re supposed to do, so why isn’t she talking to you?

I don’t know, I guess I do it because I have a sense of humour and a working brain. It’s a long day and class work will deaden your brain cells if you let it. It livens things up, she should thank me for keeping her life interesting and making her reflexes faster.

What do you care anyway? What do you get from sitting here asking me these questions, anyway? I know what I get. I know what I give the other students. I don’t know what she gets from telling on me except me getting even, and believe me, I will. She’ll wish she had just sat through it and kept quiet.

They’ll remember me, every one of them. Long after I don’t care what’s happened to them anymore, they will remember who I was and what I did to them. They’ll tell their friends, and their stupid boyfriend and their awful urchin children, and they’ll hold what happened on that day and every time they tell it, I’ll live a little longer because they remembered, and whatever they do from now on, it’s because of my prank. That’s what I get. What do you get sitting there in that chair with that look on your face asking me inane questions?

Don’t deflect. Don’t tell me we’re not here about you. Answer my question, because whatever it is, you’re not here to help me.
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2014-09-12 11:45 am

(no subject)

Blue shawl with an inverted triangle in a burnt-looking yellow colour.  Across the top of the triangle are two bars in yellow.  The shawl is placed on a white quilt background with blakc floral print.

 All finished!  Two weeks of almost solid knitting towards the end and no less than a half-dozen false starts.  My fingers have threatened to declare independence from the rest of my body over this project.  Glad to have it over though I wish I’d kept going ‘til I ran out of yarn.

I need a person in my life to punch me in the arm every time I utter the words, "that would look good with sock-weight yarn instead".  Any volunteers?

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2014-01-12 11:45 am

Interrupt Gauntlets

Grey gauntlets arranged one on top of the other with knitting needles, yarn and stitch markers surrounding them.  The gloves and knitting notions are placed on a white and black floral quilt background.  The left gauntlet bears a blue angel-wing symbol and the right cauntlet bears a red star symbol with a chevron beneath it.

Finished the Biowearables Interrupt Gauntlets of extremely belated gift-giving shame.  Renegade glove frogged three times, Paragon glove frogged once.  Changed contrasting colour yarn because what I using was not working for me.  It turns out that it really took swearing loudly at balls of wrong-texture yarn to decide it was worth it to cut strands of the colours I want out of balls of variegated yarn.  Whoopsie. 

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2011-09-20 11:36 am

Days at Con.

I could go on for hours with respect to Montreal ComicCon, but why don't I share a picture instead.

Messages from Gallifrey by ~foolsaint on deviantART
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2011-04-07 06:50 pm


Done done done done done done done!

So it took me some six-odd months, but the Doctor Who scarf is finally (Finally!) done. Used a collection of (mostly acrylic) yarns that I was able to scrounge at Michael's and Zellers and 4mm aluminum and bamboo needles. Next time, no acrylics and definitely no Vanna's choice. Yuck. It's Tom Baker's season 12 scarf from Robot.

The Scarf )

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2011-01-30 06:02 pm

I'm a better person when I blog

So after what feels like eons since my last intelligent blog post, I've come to the conclusion that I'm a better person when I blog. I'm more interested in the world, read the papers, read books, and create things. I think it might be time for me to return to the habit.

It's time. My sanity demands it.
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2009-08-17 09:06 am


Preparing for my move to Sackville. It promises to be a massive mess if ever I saw one that involves leaving Montreal a week early, stopping in Sackville, then on to Halifax, and back again a week later. Yeah. I know.

We'll see how this shakes out, but it can't be good. I promise to become a real, live dreamwidth person on the other side.
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2009-05-06 09:22 pm

New toy

So I'm not sure where I want to go with this Dreamwidth account, the possibilities seem endless! I think I want it to be distinctly not my livejournal though. And by that I mean more literate, less ranty, and a lot more creative.

Other than that, I don't have much right now. More thoughts on that later.