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Birthdate:May 30
Dyslexia \dis-lek-sē-ə\: n. a disturbance of the ability to read or use language.

Oddly, Lysdexia is indeed dyslexic, however not only does she read, but she writes and speaks fluent English and French, as well as a piteful, broken German and just a teeny bit of Czech. She thinks the term should be redefined.

It is irrelevant where Lysdexia was born as she was raised all over the country but mostly in Quebec. She is a wannabe artist and secretly a part time superhero. In her spare time she goes to school. Which school varies depending on the town, her mood, and sometimes even just the time of day. Once upon a time she even thought she was ready for the French system. She was wrong. Very wrong. But she's doing it all again as a result of what must be a lapse in judgement.

That said, she has also spent many years as an educator (but not a teacher, dear Gods not a Teacher), and is apt to talk to you as though you are an elementary school student. She talks to everyone that way, don't take it personally.
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